This level is about Cole going down the elevator and finding a message from very thankfully from a still alive non-mutated HazMat Delta. It is also the only level where the only turret is.




One of Them


Area 51

The Last Stand
Last Stand Screnshot
HazMat Teams:

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Mutant Scentist/Security/Mite and Theta (cut-scene)



United States Weapons:

Scorpion Pistol/Shotgun and SMP.

Alien Weapons:


Checkpoint 1Edit

Checkpoint 2Edit

Checkpoint 3Edit


Intro: MutationEdit


The elevator is heard going down, the door opens to find more mutants.

(After making it down the short ramp even if you have not killed all the enemies.)

Lieutenant Chew (With gunfire around him and on the radio): This is HazMat team Delta, were under attack! Requesting immediate support!

(After opening the vault door)

(Mutant Scream)

It is highly sugested that you jump down to Delta not walk their under attack.

(Pauses to cinematic)

Marko: I'd thought i'd never see another face, I'd be happy to see more then one.

Ethan: My squad was killed by this thing.

Lieutenant Chew: We were under attack by these things!

Marko: Their aliens from another world.'

Lieutenant Chew: Aliens whatever.

Delta Teammate: Here they come again!

(After holding out for awhile)

Lieutenant Chew: Cole we need those turrets operating, go up the armory.

(Note that the armory is above the fortifications, Cole does not need to get out of the barricades.)

(After you have got the shells)

(Boxes falling and Mutant Scream)

(If you wait too long you will be struck by a mutant)

Lieutenant Chew: Good we got those shells.

(Marko and a Delta Teammate go to the two turrets)

(After holding out)

Lieutenant Chew: Quickly on the turrets.

(After you have cleared a large portion of mutants.)

Lieutenant Chew: We need to get out of here!

Lieutenant Chew: Quickly to the demolitions room!

Marko: We'll cover you.

(Marko and the same Delta Teammate gets on the turrets)

Lieutenant Chew: I'll stay here and cover you.

(After the mission has been done)

Lieutenant Chew: Lets move it men!

(Rubble flies to the wall, the Theta screams)

(Delta is firing back)

Marko: Ahhhh!! (He is dead)

(All other Delta teammates are killed, fortantly not Chew however annoyingly he is killed at the end of the cinematic.)

General GuideEdit

Stupid monster, god dam mutagen why did it have to kill Bravo, this is also my favorite level.

Mission Start and the Communication CentreEdit

Okay as soon as that damn misery elevator opens fire at the Theta stronger then Mutants, okay now make your way around the corner and fire at them and go down the ramp. Thankfully you will see the Man talking with a telephone around his ear and gunfire around him. And I thought Delta was dead. Now go around another corner to see a vault door go to it to open it, and what do you see? A mutant on a ledge running to who? Yep thats right Delta, you had better not jump down across the room from them because. Yep again mutants so you BETTER WALK ON THE structure and jump from there.

Armory and FortificationsEdit

Good thing Deltas got five teammates, other then you, because the "Door Jumpers Then Being Painted Experience " is coming to be painted, with red or green. Give them a snack of lead or grenade delight. I love the Deltas fortifications, barricades and an elevated place to paint them from. Okay now go up the stairs to the armory away from "Batalion Mutagen Theta", well all of the mutant batalions should be called the photorical alphabet name of the same name monster that infected them, now are you safe from the mutants, are you? Well half yes and no, get the shells before the mutant bangs the door down (I wonder if there was a mutant coming from behind when you got back to delta) if you do, be prepared to get a shock or a death.

Fixing The CommunicationsEdit

Ohh no, no way Chewie, no way AM I GOING UP TO THE ARMORY! The mutant banged it down, and theres more MUTANTS! God, no, now get to the armory room with the door banged down and more then three mutants, go get the wire before they start getting jumpy. Get out of there then go to that ventilation shaft and you see a cramped mutant, oh god no. Oh god yes! That mutant got electrocuted by the wire cut so fix it so your bald friends can come down and invite some wire eating ants. Now guess who's here, Crispy? Ramirez? The Theta? Nope, its the non caring officer, mister Commander Douglas Bridges. Another non care, him saying to do Deltas best. God I want to kill him!

Plasma, Non Covenant PlasmaEdit

Yay! The only turret in the game! You know what to do, you cant die, and if it was reality you could not die since the turret is attached to a pipe that highers when is being used (See Plasma Turret)

Demo, Demo DemoEdit

Marko and the Delta shall get on the turrets while Chewie goes blowin with you, well before blowin. He then blocks the entrance into the demolitions armory outside of the Delta fortifications, he gets his cover from the turrets. The room is a puzzle with inclined plains and several mites and one mutant. Get the demos from the ventilation and go blow with Chewie the far north walls of the huge hallway. (See screenshot) Go blow the southern walls and the northern walls for the cinematic.