The Area 51 "Prototype Intro" is the prototype of the intro showed in one of the Playstation 2 Official Magazine demos. The intro is heavily edited.

Changes GraphicallyEdit

  • The escape hatch shows the blood for longer.
  • HazMat Delta spots the mutant it does not jump out at them at the full version intro, instead they see a "Theta" not a Leaper. And they see the Theta roaring, not like the Leaper which jumps from the mist and HazMat delta fires randomly.
  • HazMat Bravo just lands- The reback (A flashback only that its the future) of Ethans does not show, it would reveal too much and would seem like you have the game.
  • The team suits up: This happens in game, but the bit did show in the voice interview in the game.

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