Michel is referred to Bravo as "Crispy" and his age is based around thirty or twenty. He is the sarcastic comedic relief to HazMat Bravo, just like the Grunts and Avery Johnson in Halo. He sometimes does not do sarcastic relief, just normal relief. He is recided with orangeish blondish hair.

Before Area 51Edit

Michel and Ethan cleared up a HotZone somewhere up in the desert (No mutants, just diesese) after they cleared the HotZone up, Michel and Ethan stayed in quarantine for about ten days. In day nine, Cole punched Crispy in the face.

Area 51Edit

This was going to be the worst time of Crispies life, unlike Cole, where it was amazing and terrible, even more terrible for Cole.


The HotZoneEdit

The ThetaEdit

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