Mitch Chrisman is referred to HAZMAT Team Bravo as "Crispy" and his age is based around thirty or twenty. He is the sarcastic comedic relief to HAZMAT Team Bravo. He sometimes does not do sarcastic relief, just normal relief. He is recided with orangeish blondish hair.

Before Area 51Edit

Mitch and Ethan Cole cleared up a HotZone somewhere up in the desert (no mutants, just diesese) after they cleared the HotZone up, Mitch and Ethan stayed in quarantine for about ten days. By the day three, Cole punched Crispy in the face.

Area 51Edit

Mutant CrispyEdit


When Crispy and Ramirez are attacked by the Theta creature, Crispy is the only one to survive the attack. While Ethan Cole attempts to regroup with Crispy, Crispy relays his last moments via the comlink. When Cole arrives, Crispy has largely transformed and within seconds attacks Cole. Crispy is very reliant (due to that biohazard armor he was turned in) his body is almost bullet proof go for headshots with the shotgun his attacks are the same as the security mutants.