The M4 Carbine, labelled simply as the "Assault Rifle" in the dossier, is the primary weapon in the Blacksite campaign. It can be found plentifully nearly everywhere, and its versatility allows it to be used in most situations. The variant found in-game is equipped with a holographic sight, allowing for a decent level of zoom. Additionally, the M4's magazines come in sets of two that are linked together. This allows for a very fast reload should the magazine run out in the middle of a firefight. However, this fast reload cannot be used more than once at a time, and after it has been performed, it requires a regular reload before it can be used again. A good way to check if the fast reload is available is if the second magazine is visible on the left side of the weapon. If the fast reload has already been performed, the player can choose to manually reload to reset the magazines, allowing for it again. Manual reloads always use the regular speed; the fast reload occurs automatically when the first magazine runs out.

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