Ethan ColeEdit

Ethan Cole is the main character of Area 51. He is the medical officer of Bravo Team and is Voiced by David Duchovony (The X-Files, Californication). His original mission was to find HazMat Delt, but once he links up with Delta Team, only Leutient "Chew" and Cole survive an attack by an "alien".


Ramirez is the squad leader of HAZMAT team bravo although he cares alot for his team but he doesn't show it much and he is the second bravo team member to get killed by the theta (the creature that kills half of delta) gets thrown onto the door that cole is behind and ruptures his suit killing him in the process.

Mitchel "Crispy" ChrismanEdit

"Crispy" is the joker of the team. He is lasted to die in Area 51, he gets infected with the Virus when he fights the Theta. When Cole catches up to him, he has mutated into a mutant. Ethan then kills him.


McCan is the quiet one of HAZMAT Bravo. He is first to die, getting his head ripped off by a Mutant after turing the generators back on. Once, Cole took McCan to a strip club. He actually brought a book with him and read it until Cole paid a stripper to take it off him. The stripper took it off McCan and all McCan asked was to mark his place in the book. Afterwards, Cole asked him if he got his book back and he replied "Chapter 4 will never be the same again...."