The Greys are an alien race that come from Zeta Reticuli (a dark star). The mysterious Greys have studied humanity for thousands of years to conduct reasearch on human life. In 1947 a Grey scoutship crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, the truth was covered up by the goverment which sealed off the crash site and recovered all four crewmembers who survived the crash. The Illuminati and Dr. Winston Cray made an offer with the Greys that they were allowed to conduct experiments on human test subjects with the help of the Illuminati, the exact purpuse of those experiments are only known to the Greys and the Illuminati.

Biology Edit

The Greys have two hearts, a large head and very big dark eyes, their skin color is white and the have four fingers they also communicate using gestures and telephathy


The Greys have a very advance energy weapons and spacecrafts they also using biotechnology to create Thetas , Super Thetas and alien parasites

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