Area 51Edit

HazMat BravoEdit

  • Ethan Cole - The main character of the game. Ethan Cole is a mission specialist on HazMat Team Bravo. A trained biologist, Cole's remarkable marksmanship - W.I.P
  • Jack McCan - The quiet bookworm of HazMat Bravo, he is decapitated by a mutant while guarding the entrance to the power box that Cole was turning on. Ethan later killed the mutant after watching in horror the decapitation which after the mutant charged at him.
  • Anthony Ramirez – The headstrong and cunning leader of HazMat. He cares a lot for his team, even though he doesn't show it frequently. He dies second to last; smashed against a bullet-proof glass window by the Theta so hard it ruptures his armor, crushing his body.

HazMat DeltaEdit

  • Lt. Peter Chew – Peter Chew and his crew are friends of Team Bravo, and Chew is a good friend of Cole. He is the last member of Delta to die after they are ambushed by black ops soldiers He slides down a rigged elevator shaft which has a bomb attached to the railing and met his unfortunate demise by a mutant leaper at the bottom.
  • Marco Ferri – When Cole meets up with Team Delta, he remarks that he's "happy to see a familiar face, but it would be a lot better if there were more." He was the first member of Delta to be Killed by the theta mutant. With one swing of its arm, his lifeless body was flung across the room.
  • Jesse Leonard – One of the three deltas that was killed by the Theta.
  • Victor Carson – One of the three deltas that was killed by the Theta.

Other HumansEdit

  • Doctor Winston Cray - The doctor who worked with the Grey's and Illuminati and released the Theta to stop the human race being annihilated,in the process causing the events of the Dreamland incident
  • Commander Douglas Bridges
  • Victor5 – A step down from Victor6, and modeled after Victor Weisbrod, his former assistant, this clone suffers from an extreme "child-like dependency" on Dr. Cray. A lone grenade from a Black-ops soldier obliterates him.
  • Ethan's Parents



Blacksite: Area 51Edit

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