BlackSite Wikia is the Wikia that you are in now which contains detailed information about such things as the consoles that support the games the light gun game of Area 51, Area 51, BlackSite: Area 51. It has usergroups which were adopted of Halopedia. BlackSite Wikia was founded in October 2007 and at Sunday December 2nd it had around 64 articles. Its first administrator was Sauronas Churchill, which BlackSite and Halopedia was Sauronas Churchills two main Wikias. If the user types in BlackSite Wikia in a web search it will come up with BlackSite. The first edit of the main page which was not done by Sauronas Churchill was by Guesty-Persony-Thingy, administrator of Halopedia.



  • The user User:PanSola knows nothing about Area 51 but makes many templates and fixes technical problems in BSW.
  • The BlackSite has a leader discussion usergroup called the Black Council.

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