The BBG (Ballistic Barrage Gun) or Meson Autorifle is a weapons used by Black Ops. It shoots three-round burts of unstable meson particles and can eliminate most threats with a single burst, although in easy, the enemies version only shoots one ball. It is highly accurate and the meson impulses have such cohesion that they ricochet off inorganic materials in a regular fashion (which allows the user to kill enemies behind cover. It feature a LIDAR laser beam which changes frequency from green to red when pointed at an organic target, and also ricochets to help with aiming around corners.

It has infinite ammo, but needs time to recharge and has a maximum capacity of 50 impulses. The Laser feature also drains energy when used. Its power source is the element 311 (a meta-stable superelement used by the EBEs).

BBG fires plasma bursts, if used with a scope, it will drain slowly. The BBG scope has a segmentation laser that changes from green to red when an enemy has been targeted.


  • Lies of The Past

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