An unknown virus has been released inside Area 51, and Team Bravo has been assigned to clean it up. First, due to a manpower shortage, they must protect a transport truck being targeted by a saboteur. Once inside, the team discovers that the virus turns people into murderous mutants, and anyone killed by a mutant turns into a mutant themselves.

As the game progresses, members of Team Bravo (and soldiers Ethan meets) are killed one by one by mutants, until only Ethan Cole, the player character, is left alive. Ethan is later bitten by a mutant, slowly turning him into a mutant. Later he finds Dr. Cray, who promises to cure him using a machine that can remove the virus. Before the process is complete, the machine loses power as Dr. Cray's laboratory is invaded. Ethan then gains the ability to switch between being a mutant and a human. Eventually Ethan makes his way through the complex until he finds a Grey, called "Edgar" several miles below the surface. Edgar tells Ethan about the history of the Greys and Area 51 and gives Ethan a cure to the virus in the form of Edgar's blood before he sends Ethan to destroy the alien ship preparing to leave with the virus. Ethan destroys the ship in an effort to stop production of the virus. Ethan then proceeds to destroy the alien's powercore in their facility, causing a massive explosion. He narrowly escapes by jumping through a portal that sends him back to the surface of Earth, only a short distance away from Area 51. Ethan watches as the base is destroyed in several tornado-like explosions, he then sees the same truck that he helped protect at the start of the game driving away, loaded with an unknown containment canister. The game ends with Ethan walking away from the base.


One of the only handfull of ps2 games you can still play online with friends.

Eventualy The game was re-released as freeware by the United States Air Force,[1]. It is no longer available on, but it can be downloaded from ``


In 2004, ahead of the game's release, Paramount Pictures announced that they had reached an agreement concerning the film rights for the game.[2] In March 2007, counter-cultural comic book author Grant Morrison was hired to adapt the game as a screenplay.[3] It should be noted that this project is unrelated to the upcoming movie Area 51 by Oren Peli.[4]


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