Area 51 (2005 Video Game)Edit

Upper Levels (Level and Level)Edit

Welcome to Dreamland (Level) - The first level of Area 51 and only contains one enemy.

The Hot Zone (Level) - The second level of Area 51 and contains the first mutants.

The Search (Level) - The third and third smallest level of Area 51, it is made long by the numerous enemies.

They Get Bigger (Level) - The fourth level and smallest level of Area 51, the one where Bravo is completely finished off by the Theta.

Middle LevelEdit

The Last Stand (Level) - The admins favorite level and one of the longest and has the only turret and features covering behind barriers.

Lower LevelsEdit

One of Them (Level) - The first level that you have mutant powers and the sixth level of Area 51.

Internal Changes (Level)-The seventh level of Area 51 where the player goes on a hunt for Dr. Cray

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